Welcome to Paths To Change

The concept of “Paths to Change” was born of the struggles in my own life. My experience is that what appears to be the better, easy path is sometimes strewn with obstacles and fears we did not anticipate. My objective is to help you find the way to remove the obstacles and fears from your path.


Overcoming Procrastination is a 6 week workshop designed to help you recognize how you procrastinate, why you procrastinate and how to change that self-defeating behaviour.

Stress Management is a 4 week workshop that raises awareness of the issues that cause stress in your life and teaches positive skills, both short term and long term, to better cope with the stresses in your life.

The Path to Better Self-Esteem is a 4 week course designed to build self-esteem and increase self-confidence.

Meet Judith

Judith has spent the last 17 years developing the skills to assist people to make changes in their lives.

She believes that we all have the knowledge and solutions we need within us, and with guidance and support, we can make the changes we must to reach our potential and enjoy a more fulfilled life.